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  • Solid template framework

    t3-bannerZen to the power of T3.

    This template is built on the powerful T3 template framework.

    T3 adds a new dimension to controlling and creating flexibile layouts for responsive Joomla templates and combined with the minimalism of our previous Zen Grid Framework templates, it's a combination that is hard to beat.

    T3 offers an incredible amount of control and flexibility. With it's easy to use drag and drop interface, the way you control what goes where in your website just got a whole lot easier.


    Key features of the T3 framework:

    • Drag and drop templating interface
    • Theme Magic interface for creating your own template style
    • Less compiled templating system which enables you to do more with less code.
    • High performance front and back end 
    • Built on Bootstrap to seamlessly work with other bootstrap based Joomla extensions
    • Complete control over module positions and module position names
    • Extended module chrome to leverage Bootstrap native functions such as sliders, tabs, modals and more.


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